An unusual way to visit the Headquarters of the Ansaldo Foundation in Genoa. The virtual tour of the Ansaldo Foundation gives the visitors the chance to walk through the four floors of the building, its gardens, its historical vestiges exhibited in its over 40 rooms and to see part of the materials it preserves.
Moreover, it is a way to visit an historical building and a cultural institution that can be otherwise visited only by scholars and researchers.  

It is possible to visit the building in two different ways. The first one gives you the chance to tour freely the various rooms on the same floor while the second one gives you the chance to discover the details of each room.  

In the first case, with a click on this icon

it is possible to visit all the rooms on the same floor: the passages between a room and another can be identified by semitransparent areas next to the doors or by concentric circles in motion. 


In the second case, the surfing functions give the chance to display completely the rooms; for each floor there is a plan with the rooms that can be visited. The visit is possible both staying in the window that opens clicking on each miniature or full screen. Through the icons in each room it is possible to move in all directions

With a click on each miniature, it is possible to visit each room with dynamic captions for some internal details. There is also the chance to move inside the picture only by clicking on the left button and moving the mouse.